All The Reasons Josh Hutcherson Is Basically The Best Guy Ever

Josh Hutcherson may be our #MCM today, but he's really our #MCE. Not only is he the ultimate bae as Peeta in The Hunger Games movies, but he's pretty much the best guy ever off screen too. He is a total animal lover and a huge supporter of equal rights for everyone. Josh is an all around great guy and these nine reasons are only extra proof.

Josh Hutchrson #MCM art

Full Name: Joshua Ryan Hutcherson

Hometown: Union, Kentucky

Zodiac Sign: Libra (He's totally compatible with Gemini and Aquarius!)

Favorite Sport: Basketball 

Favorite Color: Purple

Dislikes: Spiders (Agreed)

Biggest Influence: Jake Gyllenhaal

Favorite iPhone App: Face Swap

Favorite Movie: The Lion King (Best movie EVAAAAAAA!!!!!)

Fun Facts:

1. Josh has an obsession with watching reality TV shows.

2. He can speak Gibberish, which is kind of really cool.

3. When he was 9 years old, he stopped attending public school and started being home schooled by his mom. Living the dream!

4. Josh says the only differences between him and his character Peeta are their hair and eye color. Other than that, he says they incredibly similar.

5. He used to have a blanket that he would carry around with him everywhere. He even named it "Yellow Blankie" — AWWWW!!!!

6. A few years ago, he adopted the most adorable little Pit Bull puppy named Driver. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!?!

Josh Hutcherson puppy

(via People Pets)

7. Josh was given a turtle by Kristen Stewart, his co-star in Zathura, for his 13th birthday.

8. He's known for being a prankster on the set of The Hunger Games films. One time he stole a dummy from the set and put it in Jennifer Lawrence's bathroom. She peed her pants when she saw it.

9. Josh is a major champion of equal rights and he hosts a celebrity basketball tournament every year to raise awareness for his cause. He's not too bad at the sport either.


Peeta is our bae, but is he yours? All you have to do is take our quiz to know for sure!