19 Lyrics From Joshua Bassett's Sad Songs in a Hotel Room to Use as Instagram Captions

Joshua Bassett'Sad Songs in a Hotel Room is one of our favorite EPs of all of 2022, and it only takes a quick dive into its six vulnerable tracks to see why.

The singer-songwriter and actor's new collection of songs feels rawly autobiographical, giving glimpses into his recent life, balancing his personal life and career while reckoning with being in the public eye as part of other artists' narratives. He addresses all of that, and more, in the stunning details of the EP, brought to life with his lyrically poetic touch. We couldn't be more excited that his debut album is also in the works, but in the meantime, here are our favorite lyrics from the EP to use as your next Instagram caption.

For the pic with the person who makes your life better than ever:

"But darling ever since I met you, I know that heaven is you."

-"Heaven Is You"


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For when a relationship is over faster than you imagined:

"I thought we had more time."

-"Do It All Again"


For when your ex is reveling in your pain:

"I hope that it makes you happy."

-"Lie Lie Lie"


For when your relationship was just a game:

"Were we just playing pretend because we could?"

-"Telling Myself"


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For being a fangirl at a Joshua Bassett concert:

"She knew the words to every song he'd ever sung."



For when you can just hope and pray:

"Well, I'll leave it up to faith for now."

-"Only a Matter of Time"


For apologizing for your bad behavior:

"Excuse the mess I made when you were mine."

-"Do It All Again"


For when someone special makes you second-guess everything:

"Well, lately I've been questioning my faith. Just one look at you is all it really takes."

-"Heaven Is You"


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For when someone's turning you into the bad guy:

"So you're telling them it's all my fault. You're the victim this time, oh."

-"Lie Lie Lie"


For when you just need some time to get over it:

"Well, darlin', I'll be fine. But it's only a matter of time."

-"Only a Matter of Time"


For when the relationship is over, but you don't regret a single thing:

"But you were worth it all. If it were my call, I'd do it all again."

-"Do It All Again"


For when your friend's ex clearly didn't see her worth:

"He left her just because he didn't know just who she was."



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For when you fall head-over-heels for someone:

"I'm not one to fall in love too fast, but something tells me this one's gonna last."

-"Heaven Is You"


For when things happened exactly as they should have:

"And don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing."

-"Telling Myself"


For addressing the rumors about you:

"So they told me all the things that you said…"

-"Lie Lie Lie"


For when someone is pulling you into their drama:

"But why would you make your pain mine? You're makin' me pay for your crimes."

-"Only a Matter of Time"


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For when things are worse than when they started:

"Was it really worth the trouble that it caused? Look where we ended up."

-"Telling Myself"


For when being newly single is hard:

"I'm not yet used to only being friends."

-"Do It All Again"


For announcing you're over and done with someone:

"I'm the best thing that you aren't ever gonna get again."



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