5 Journaling Prompts to Try Out This Fall

When it comes to self-care, taking a long bath with an overpriced bath bomb is far from the only way to treat yourself.

In fact, it can be as simple as taking out a pen and paper and writing out how you're feeling—also known as journaling. Some people have journals that are specifically filled with prompts, but these aren't technically necessary for journaling. You can do whatever feels good for you, and a new season just so happens to be the perfect time to start a new journal (or just a few new prompts). With that said, we decided to lay out some great prompts to try out this fall to help yourself have the best fall yet, below!

1. What Is Something I'd Like to Gain/Achieve This Season?

Start your new set of journal prompts with a goal, as this can help you gauge your progress throughout the season as well as set you up for figuring out how to answer some of the other questions. It could be as simple as "I want to get A's in all my classes" or as intangible as "I want to improve my relationships with my friends," just as long as it is something that really matters to you.


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2. How Have I Been Holding Myself Back?

Speaking of those goals you just set for yourself, why haven't you achieved them yet? Thinking about this in a more open-minded way can help you recognize the things you've been doing to sabotage your own success, then you can set those things aside and truly go for your goals.


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3. Where Do I See Myself At This Time Next Year?

This question is one we often think of at the beginning or end of a year, but why not break it down and try it at the start of a new season? Fall is actually the perfect time to wonder about where you see yourself in a year's time, especially considering that the season itself is all about the shedding of the old to prepare for bringing in something new. It's also all about being around family, friends, food and other warm and cozy things that are likely to have you in your feels. Explore those feelings. Write them down. Think about where you want them to take you.


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4. How Would You Want Someone Else to Describe You If They Were Asked?

You know the way an author describes a character in a book, with tons of eloquent details about the little things that make them who they are? You could probably think of a few ways to describe your closest friends like that, but have you ever tried to think about how someone might do the same for you? This tactic can really help inspire a bit of self-love that is so needed during fall, and it can have you feeling like the "main character" you truly are for the whole season and then some.


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5. When In Your Daily Life Do You Feel the Happiest?

Sure, you can probably think of a happy moment when you were celebrating a major accomplishment, holiday or other out-of-the-ordinary time. But do you ever stop to think about what in your everyday life makes you truly happy? Embracing a bit of mindfulness and stopping to recognize when you're feeling happy—and what is making you feel so happy—can help you do more of that in your daily life, making you happier and healthier in the long run.


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Ready to get writing? These five prompts are just a way to get yourself started, as you can do a prompt that runs off of any of them. No matter how you choose to go about it, journaling is a great way to get more in tune with yourself and your feelings and make some positive progress in terms of both your mental health and your daily life.

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