Everything You Should Know About Grammy-Nominated Singer-Songwriter JP Saxe

We don't think we're the only ones who've been finding that when an absolutely stellar collab comes out, most of the time, Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe is attached to it.

The Grammy-nominated artist has worked with Maren Morris, Julia Michaels, Lennon Stella, Maisie Peters and Mau y Ricky—and it turns out his solo work is just as beautiful and thought-provoking. He's been a favorite of ours for ages, and we simply had to get to know the man behind the songs.

Curious about this king of collabs? Keep reading to find out everything you wanted to know about JP Saxe.

JP Saxe Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Nirav Patel)

Name: JP Saxe

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birthday: March 23

Zodiac sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. After a tough day, JP likes to unwind by drinking boba and watching Shark Tank.

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2. The online personality he can't stop watching is Deborah Czeresko from the Netflix glassblowing show, Blown Away.

"Deborah won Season 1. She's an icon."

-JP Saxe

3. His favorite song of all time is "Lover, You Should've Come Over" by Jeff Buckley.

4. JP likes to order pizza with black olives, green peppers and feta cheese.

5. He'd love to steal Lisa Simpson's style.

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6. He says he'd be bad at any job involving numbers and calculations.

"Bad at numbers. I counted to 10 once, but it's been hard to do it ever since I was a teenager."

-JP Saxe

7. He says U.S. pro soccer player Megan Rapinoe is his favorite superhero.

8. JP doesn't really have a bucket list.

"But I have a lot of dreams. I would like to eat fruit off trees in every continent."

-JP Saxe

9. He's never been a pet guy.

"I do not have pets. I'm allergic to everything."

-JP Saxe

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10. Above all, JP means what he says.

"I think sincerity is meaningful above all. It doesn't really matter what that means, as long as we're being genuine in ourselves, then, you know, the world will build itself around us in a way that is better than anything we could come up with."

-JP Saxe


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