Everything You Should Know About Actress Juju Journey Brener

Juju Journey Brener has a very impressive resume for a young actress of only 9 years.

With 21 credits to her name, including Red Shoes and the Seven DwarfsVHYes and this year's action crime thriller Vanquish starring Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose, she's no stranger to the screen, and we believe she's only just getting started.

Curious about Juju? Keep reading to find out everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Juju Journey Brener Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: James Clark)

Name: Journey Elle Brener

Nickname: Juju

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: Feb 5

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. If Juju could pick anyone from history to be her mentor, it would be Coco Chanel.

"She was a really talented designer and also a great businesswoman at a time where women were not regularly in those positions. She also changed history and how women dress from corseted into more casual chic. I love fashion and putting cool outfits together, I like to be different in my style and she is an inspiration."

-Juju Journey Brener

2. She's both a dancer and a skier.

"I dance many hours a week in different studios—mostly hip-hop, it's my favorite. I just went to Mammoth for spring break with my family, sister and two of our best friends. We skied to the top and even though I'm a pretty good skier, I guess It was late in the day and I was maybe tired, plus the snow was a bit icy, so me and my friend Alexa freaked out and had to be carried halfway down by the ski patrol in one of those gurneys they use for people who are actually hurt. It was pretty funny, we couldn't stop laughing."

-Juju Journey Brener

3. She'd love to improve her gymnastics skills.

"I'd like to get better so I could do flips and stuff and not get hurt. I love dancers who do dance acrobatics and breakdancing. I wish I could do that! I am pretty flexible though."

-Juju Journey Brener

4. She can make a flower shape with her tongue.

5. She's also very into weird science experiments, whether they pertain to food, lotion or makeup.

"I watch tutorials on Tik Tok and YouTube and I make all sorts of concoctions. My family usually ends up finding them in the freezer!"

-Juju Journey Brener

6. Her dream vacation would be to either Hawaii or the Bahamas.

7. Her favorite songs of all time are "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish and "Lovely" by Khalid and Billie Eilish.

8. The scariest thing she's ever done was going on one of the highest and longest zip-lines in all of Asia when she traveled to Koh Samui in Thailand.

"Actually, it was also really fun."

-Juju Journey Brener

9. She's definitely a night owl.

"I like sleeping in when I can. I do have to get up early for school or for acting work, but at night I feel relaxed and often we go to dance classes, read and rehearse scripts or watch movies with my sister. I also like to be on the phone with my friends then."

-Juju Journey Brener

10. The weirdest rumor she ever heard about herself was that she was dating her friend Lucas.

"That is crazy! I'm a little kid, I won't have a BF till I'm way older."

-Juju Journey Brener

11. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece is a big inspiration to her.

"He helps people when they are in trouble. When the bad guys are about to kill innocent people or his friends, Luffy comes and saves them."

-Juju Journey Brener

12. Juju says that no matter what's going on, she'always creating something.

"I draw and paint a lot, make up choreography, sing, play instruments and music, come up with cool outfits or makeup ideas and shoot videos. I can keep busy for hours even by myself doing creative things. This is who I am."

-Juju Journey Brener


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