Jule Vera's Empowering New Single 'Lifeline' Will Inspire You to Make Your Own Fate

Pop rockers Jule Vera have just released a brand new song, and we've got the exclusive premiere of the empowering tune and music video.

Titled "Lifeline," this fresh track will inspire you to make your own fate, rather than just accepting what life throws your way.

Pop rock band Jule Vera group shot

(Photo credit: Pure Noise Records)

We chatted with the band's lead singer Ansley Newman to get the lowdown on what the song means to them, their biggest influences and what they hope to accomplish with their music.

Scroll below to see what Ansley had to say!

Artist: Jule Vera

New single: "Lifeline"

What it means to the band: "It's about life. It's about what we're going through right now and how we feel. We have songs about love, our future and our current situations. Some lyrics are very personal to us about striving to be successful in the music industry and chasing our dreams. Some are about our personal relationships. They can also mean something very personal to listeners about a completely different situation. It can be interpreted differently depending on who's listening."

Biggest influences: "My musical influences are Queen, Michael Jackson and Aerosmith. I really love classic pop and rock."

Dream venue: "Red Rocks Amphitheater [in Morrison, Colorado]. I think that venue is so cool and I would love to play it someday."

Ansley Newman of pop rock band Jule Vera

(Photo credit: Pure Noise Records)

Dream duet: "Steven Tyler, The Weeknd or Michael Jackson"

Fave songs: "The entire Bruno Mars album is what has been on repeat for literally months. My favorites are, 'That's What I Like' and 'Versace on the Floor.' I also really like 'Love,' by Lana Del Rey."

Dream accomplishment: "I hope to make music people love and can relate to. I want to express myself through music and hope it can touch someone listening."

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