Juliette Turner Talks Writing Our Presidents Rock!

Juliette Turner is the 16-year-old national youth director for Constituting America and the author behind Our Presidents Rock, a book with an entertaining but educational take on each of the U.S. presidents!our presidents rock juliette turner

Juliette spoke with us about what inspired the book, and why she loves U.S. history, in a recent interview!

Juliette's passion for learning about history was fueled by her mother, actress Janine Turner. What initially interested Juliette in telling history was the idea that if no one would make it fun, history might be lost.

"We're not going to want to learn about our history anymore," she said. "That's the danger, because we are the future of our country and it's up to us to know our history and to protect it and to continue to protect our freedom."

She wrote Our Presidents Rock because she believes that young people should know more about our U.S. presidents.

"The president is the protector of the Constitution, the protector of our liberties," she said. "What I found really interesting about doing my research about all of the men who have become president is that they're men just like us. They have had the same adversities, the same trials, but they've driven through them to become the great leaders of our nation."

She said that when people think of the president, they think of someone up in Washington, D.C., completely removed from regular people.

"I chose to write about the presidents because I wanted my generation to realize that they're men just like us and that you can relate to them," she said. "I'm hoping that realizing this, it will help us become less apathetic about our government and help us become more involved and interested."

Some parts of the book writing process were more tedious than others, Juliette said.

"The research process is fun because you're getting to know all this new information it comes piling in," she said. "The most tedious process is definitely the editing. You have to go back and forth almost 10 times with your editor and you have to compromise on information."

The first copy of Our President Rock! was over 500 pages! With help from her editor, they got it down to a manageable 300 pages.

"I had to part with so much perfect information, but that's life," she said. 

Of the 43 presidents who've taken office so far, Juliette said she couldn't possibility pick a favorite. But she was able to say who she believes is the most underestimated president.

"I believe that's Herbert Hoover," she said. "Herbert Hoover is often given the bad rap for, quote unquote, 'causing the Great Depression.' But really he was only in office a matter of months before the Great Depression happened."

Juliette said that Hoover was a great man who overcame great adversity. 

"He was an orphan, penniless on the streets and his uncle took him in," she explained. "He went to college and entered the coal mining industry and become a self-made millionaire.He moved to China for a time, and then he also used his money in philanthropic ways."

She added that he helped Americans get back over to America during World War I, and that he led the food administration during the war. 

"He served his country in many great ways and had he been president at any other time in American history, he would've been known as one of our greatest presidents," she said. "His economic policy was actually similar to Ronald Reagan, but the Great Depression happened and it wasn't strong enough to combat the Great Depression."

You can get your own copy of Our Presidents Rock! online at Amazon here, or at Barnes and Noble in-store or online here! 

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