The Best Fourth of July Makeup Looks We Found on Instagram

This Fourth of July, we plan on going all out (beauty-wise, that is, seeing as coronavirus keeps us from doing much else).

Not only are we going to rock our fave red, white and blue fashion ensembles and accessories, but we want to incorporate the holiday into our makeup, too! Since the color scheme for the Fourth of July isn't your day-to-day collection of colors, it'll take lots of creativity and a steady hand.

Keep scrolling for the best Fourth of July makeup looks we found on Instagram.

Red Makeup


Nothing says the Fourth of July like some delicious red fruit! Instead of going for something obvious like watermelon, this makeup guru created beautiful cherries. All you need to achieve this look are liquid eyeliners for that precise and seamless shape. As for the eyeshadow itself, grab a palette with stunning shades of red! It's all about blending for this masterpiece.

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Bold Wing

You'll need a steady hand or a friend willing to help you out with this look. A bold wing is a must if you want heads to turn your way. We love how this looks, especially with this girl's light brown eye color. In order to get a perfectly straight line, we'd recommend using a piece of tape or something else that's straight and won't move around. Grab your favorite liquid eyeliner or dampen a dry eyeshadow.

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White Makeup

Pearl Accents

This makeup vibe is giving us a super dreamy state of mind. We're simply obsessed! We love how the pearl accents are delicately applied around the woman's eye area. It's a stellar, thought-provoking look to rock this holiday. In order to get something similar to this, all you'll need are varying sizes of pearls and some sort of adhesive, like eyelash glue.

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Striking Lines

This eye look is absolutely electric. If your goal is to have your eyes be the focal point, you need to try this out. We love how the lines hug the crease on the top part of the eyes, paired with the typical lash line area. We highly recommend investing in a liquid eyeliner to achieve this look. If you want a crisp, defined line, it's necessary! Feel free to play around with your designs to create an original creation of your own.

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Blue Makeup

Baby Blues

This gal turned her face into a wonderland, and we're here for it. We love the mixture of multiple shades of blue along with the pop of faux freckles. It's a very easy look to achieve, so you don't need to worry about being a novice! To nail it on your own, all you'll need are a few shades of blues, white and even some purples if you feel daring.

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When the show Euphoria came to the spotlight, the first thing we all noticed was the makeup on the characters. It blew us away, so why not take note and incorporate it into your Fourth of July makeup look? Our girl Lizzo is rocking a fierce, glittery blue eye shadow atop beautiful black eyeliner. This is a look for the books!

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