Juntos By Fifth Harmony For Spanish Harmonizers!

Juntos by Fifth Harmony shows off just how awesome the girls are, as a Spanish-language version of their debut EP Better Together.Juntos by Fifth Harmony

Whether they speak Spanish or not, Harmonizers across the world are rejoicing as Fifth Harmony gears up to release not one, but two EPs in Spanish!

Juntos, as well as an acoustic version of Juntos, releases on November 11!

We are so impressed with Fifth Harmony's bilingual abilities, and we think both albums are going to be incredible!

And if you pre-order the Juntos EP exclusive package at Walmart, you'll also get a signed booklet from Fifth Harmony!

Check out the tracklist below!

  1. Que bailes conmigo hoy" (Don't Wanna Dance Alone)
  2. "Sin tu amor" (Miss Movin' On)
  3. "Tu eres lo que yo quiero" (Better Together)
  4. "Eres tú" (Who You Are)
  5. "Que el corazón no hable por mi" (Leave My Heart Out of This)

Are you a Harmonizer? Join us at Sweety High to share in the excitement of Juntos!