Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Private Date Night with Leonardo DiCaprio!

We all know how much of a romantic Justin Bieber can be when it comes to pleasing her girl, Selena Gomez, but the Biebz just took it to another level when he planned a magical movie night for the two of them at the Staples Center.

TMZ reported that the teenage sensation gave his girlfriend the best surprise ever: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Well not really in person, but on the big screen! After the two supported Demi Lovato at her concert at Nokia Theatre, Justin whisked Selena away and said, "Come with me."

He then took Selena to the Staples Center where he had planned a special screening of Titantic for just the two of them. How romantic!

The price tag for that date was S0! Since Bieber has sold out the venue three times, they gave him the entire arena for free!

If you're wondering how he got this totally cute idea, sources say he got it from Adam Sandler in the movie "Mr. Deeds," where he takes Winona Ryder on a date at Madison Square Gardens!

We totally love how creative Justin got and can't wait to see what other cute dates he plans for Selena!