Justin Bieber: Basketball Star??

Is Justin Bieber becoming a basketball star?  Mm…not quite.

The Biebs is currently being written into a movie script about basketball. Bieber will play a young basketball protegee to experienced ball player Mark Wahlberg.

The script has been in the works since summer 2011 and word is that Justin and his manager are eager to get started on this movie. Mark has assured them both that it's better to take the time with the script on the first try so it doesn't get shot down.

The latest news on the subject is that as long as the script does get the green light, filming is expected to start this summer!

While Justin may be a little on the short side for a pro-ball player, he has been known to shoot hoops with his friends in his free time.

What do you think about Justin being in this movie? Can you picture him as a professional basketball player?