Justin Bieber is Missing Selena Gomez's Birthday!

Guess which one of our favorite "it" girls has a birthday this Friday??

Selena Gomez!!

Selena will be turning 19 years old this Friday and unfortunately boyfriend Justin Bieber won't be there to celebrate.

When asked about her birthday plans, Selena said "I think my mom has planned something for me. I didn't really ask for anything, so I'm basically just going to be at tour rehearsal during the day. Maybe go to dinner at night with my family. Pretty boring."

Sounds like a good, relaxing birthday Selena!!

Justin will be in Atlanta for Selena's birthday, but we are sure that Justin will have something special planned for his leading lady when he gets back!

We hope Selena has the best birthday ever and can't wait to see what this next year brings for her!