Last week one lucky little girl won the title of Mayor for the day in Forney, Texas.

The first thing Caroline Gonazles did as Mayor was name one of the streets Justin Bieber.

While the street sign was supposed to keep the name of the pop star sensation until after the weekend, it was stolen Thursday morning.

Thankfully, the town was able to fix the tragic situation by bringing in a new sign to replace the stolen one within 48 hours.

Justin Bieber’s heart has already been stolen by Selena Gomez, but that doesn’t mean fans are going to stop trying to steal of piece of the teen cutie. Aside from the street sign being stolen, several Justin Bieber cut outs have also been stolen from department stores.

Looks like Justin Bieber is quite the hot commodity!

He might have to make a PSA about how it’s wrong to steal. We’d love to help out with that project, Justin!

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