Our Definitive Ranking of Justin Bieber's 10 Most Underrated Songs

With a career spanning approximately a decade, Justin Bieber has proved he's here to stay.

We watched him go from pre-pubescent YouTube star-on-the-rise, to headline-making, heartbreaking superstar—all while maintaining a consistently successful catalog of songs.

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But when you churn out so many tracks, they can'all become mainstream hits. That's why we're here to give love to the best Bieber songs that have either been long forgotten or unfairly never saw much light of day.

Keep reading for our definitive ranking of Justin Bieber's 10 most underrated songs:

10. 'One Time'

We know, we know—this song is cheesy with a capital "C," but hey, that's part of its charm. It's The Biebz' first official radio single, and despite his high-pitched voice and puppy-love lyrics, this song is a bop. The beat is so catchy and the lively music video even features a cameo by Usher (not a bad get for a 15-year-old). But because Justin's changed in every way imaginable since the release of this track, it tends to get brushed under the rug. We still love it though, which is why it's scoring the 10th spot on this list.


9. 'One Less Lonely Girl'

Okay, we promise this is the last one from Justin's 2009 My World EP, but just like the aforementioned track, "One Less Lonely Girl" still has our hearts. If you can imagine an era before Jelena, this was it. While we don't know who The Biebz was singing to at the time he recorded this, we all wished it was us. Sure, this song sounds a bit dated, but we are still guilty of blasting it on occasion when we're crushing way too hard and just need a light musical rush.


8. 'Runaway Love'

"Runaway Love" is a track off Bieber's first full-length album My World 2.0, and it is a jam if we've ever heard one. Justin exudes so much energy when we've seen him perform this live, but also when we blast it on Spotify while getting ready for a night out. This song has all the ingredients to a hit single, but it surprisingly just never made the cut.


7. 'Take You'

This track starts out slow, and the build-up leads to an incredibly dance-worthy gem. And he totally has us blushing during that part at the end when he sings, "Baby señorita, mon cheri please be my little lady"—he's singing to us, right??


6. 'Up'

Cue the awws for this one. "Up" was JB's first stab at a slow love song—and he nailed it. This beauty from My World 2.0 didn't make radio single status, but it definitely topped the charts in our hearts (in more ways than one). Less cheesy than "One Less Lonely Girl," and with slightly more updated music production, this is a song we'd still want our crush to dedicate to us any given day.


5. 'Get Used to It'

This deluxe edition track from Purpose makes us feel good from start to finish. Justin's matured voice, the lyrics, the beat. Once again, the heartthrob has us wrapped around his finger.


4. 'Thought of You'

The release of 2012's Believe was when the world began seeing an edgier, more grown-up side of Justin. He was churning out hits with everyone from Nicky Minaj to Big Sean. But in the midst of all that, "Thought of You" somehow got lost in the shuffle. This song makes us so happy we could seriously throw an impromptu dance party right here, right now.


3. 'One Love'

Justin has the amazing ability to take his romantic feelings and express them in a way that can appeal to anyone—regardless of their relationship status. "One Love," another incredible unreleased track from Believe, makes taken people feel even giddier about their romance, and single people confidently hopeful that someone great will come along. All we can say is turn this on and prepare to smile.


2. 'Been You'

When we think about Justin, one of the major questions that goes through our minds is why did this song not become a single? He sings about missing a loved one and wishing he could do it all over again, but this is no sob-story ballad. It's every bit upbeat and catchy as it is apologetic. If there's one song on all our party playlists, consider this it!


1. 'Mark My Words'

While we understand why this never became a radio hit—it's acoustic and really short—it is without question Justin's best (and far too overlooked) piece of work to date. It's the opening track to Purpose, and it's (non-shockingly) about Selena Gomez. It's definitely Justin's most personal song, and whether you're single, taken or confused, you'll absolutely feel whatever he's feeling when you hear it.


Want all these gems in a handy little playlist? Scroll below!


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