Justin Bieber Wants To Take A 'Ride' With You

Justin Bieber's freshly leaked single, Latin Girl, has caused quite the stir in the Bieber community– who was it written for? Is it actually Justin singing? Etc. Well, If any of you Bieberettes are through with mulling the possibilities over, it looks like the disinterest couldn't have come at a better time- another one of JB's singles just leaked online!

The song titled "Ride" has been speculated to be a brand new track from his upcoming album, but Justin's people are saying otherwise. A rep for Bieber told Billboard that the song wasn't written for the 16-year-old to sing.

"It's a demo that he wrote for another artist."

Judging on the lyrics and if the rep is correct, we can only assume that the track was written for a female to perform.

Listen for yourself, and tell us what you think!