Justin Bieber Wants You to Show Your Hearts

Tons of celebrities are taking to Twitter and Facebook to show their hearts for the Berry Family Trust Fund.

On July 3rd, the Berry family was driving home when they were hit head on by another vehicle. Tragically, both parents were killed upon impact, leaving nine year old Peter, eight year old Aaron, and six year old Willa, behind. Although all three children survived, Aaron and Peter were left with serious spinal cord injuries, leaving both boys paralyzed from the waist down. All of them are being treated at a hospital in Houston, Texas.

Celebs like Justin Bieber, Victoria Justice, Britney Spears, and Big Time Rush are all helping out and showing their support. You can help too!! Just change your Twitter, Facebook, or Sweety High profile picture to a pic of you making a heart with your hands with the message "show your hearts." You can also donate online or text "Berry" to 85944 for a $10 donation.

For more info, go to showyourhearts.org