Justin Bieber's Dream Job: A Car Mechanic

"Baby" singer Justin Bieber makes thousands for his music now, but he says he would have been happy to be a car mechanic.

"I always wanted to be a car mechanic," Justin revealed on "The Tonight Show." And now that he's sixteen, he can finally drive! "I got a Range Rover," he said. "It's my first car. I don't want to get too flashy."

So how did Justin end up as a singer? "I started posting videos online and I just started getting bigger and bigger," he explained. "I got found by this manager who introduced me to Justin Timberlake and Usher, who both wanted to sign me. So we ended up in that war. Actually what happened was we went to Vegas. It was Usher and Justin and they got in the ring. Justin lost. He got knocked out."

It really does sound like a dream, don't you think?

Source: MTV