Justus Bennetts Joyfully Surrenders to the Whims of Love in 'Girls'

Only Justus Bennetts could write a song about letting someone walk all over you in a relationship and make it sound so fun.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter's latest single is called "Girls," an upbeat alt-pop ode to a special type of love. The song expresses the confidence to let his girl take charge, being happy with whatever because the connection they share is the real deal. Add the song's hilarious music video, where Justus gets conned by a group of cool card-playing grandmas, and you've got the recipe for a summer hit.

We cannot stop listening, and we got the chance to chat with Justus all about the new track, its lyrics and where he got the inspiration to write it.

The Story Behind 'Girls'

Justus Bennetts: The song is basically a very broad representation of how I feel about my girlfriend. We do almost everything together so our relationship definitely inspired a lot of the song.


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What 'Girls' Means

JB: It basically just means I'll love you no matter what in a fun way. You can walk over me and do whatever you want, we are still gonna have a good time. I hope this message translates to the listeners because a lot of people give up on each other so quickly and it's hard to find real genuine connections.


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Justus's Favorite Lyric

JB: My favorite lyric has to be in the second verse when I say, "She's outta college but them angles looking like degrees." I don't know why this line hits so hard; it's just such a tight bar and fits the vibe perfectly.


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