6 New K-Beauty Products We Discovered in JoahBox's Subscription Delivery

You know we love our K-beauty products—and why wouldn't we?

With new skincare formulas that are incredibly affordable, what's not to love? But like the beauty industry as a whole, K-beauty is constantly evolving. While we want to consume all of it, doing so is a tough task. That's why we turn to things like subscription boxes to help us pick and choose the products and trends we need to focus on most.

We recently got our hands on some of the latest goods in the K-beauty space when a rep for JoahBox reached out to us. Celebrating the two-year anniversary of their K-beauty subscription service, the rep offered to send a sample box for review.

The Products

Each JoahBox ($39.95) arrives monthly and is valued at $60 – $100, containing 5-7 full-sized K-beauty products and a couple of random samples. The JoahBox brand prides itself on bringing subscribers the latest, hard-to-find beauty products straight from Seoul.

The two-year-anniversary box I received (fresh in its new lavender shade to celebrate the milestone) contained an Aminow body scrub pouch ($2.50); a CeLABrity Aqua Mask ($4); a Selfie Velvet Lip Tint ($15); a Commonleaf Green Tea Oil Blotting Paper package ($4); Commonleaf's Surely Green 100 Face Oil ($35); and a Kicho Pack Brush ($18).


The Experience

The first product I was drawn to was the face oil. Ever since Sweety High writer Allison created her popular MARA Universal Face Oil, I've been going through these products rapidly. I'd never used face oils in the past, and following Allison's successful launch, I'll grab whatever I can because I go through her bottles so quickly. Commonleaf's face oil is formulated with sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, olive, bitter orange and more hydrating ingredients. The scent is mild, and the finish gives my face that perfect shine, without making me look greasy. Thumbs up!

Next up was the velvet lip tint. I've always been fascinated by the whole "velvet" lip product texture. Unfortunately, however, once this product was applied, it quickly smeared, giving me a very haphazard-looking pout. With the whole "velvet" look, I think it should definitely be in lipstick form. If I wanted a "tint," I would opt for a gloss. I will say, though, the product does smell good.

Then it was on to the blotting paper. This was the product most easily looked over. I've never been a blotting paper user—even if I'm having a sweaty moment—though I dig that these are green tea-infused. You had me at anything tea-scented.

Just one look at the packaging for the face mask and I knew I'd be in love. First of all, it's really hard to go wrong with a moisture mask; and, secondly, the packaging was super thick, meaning that even after applying the actual mask, I could put the remaining triple-hyaluronic acid contents into the fridge for later use. With my skin drying up due to the change of seasons, this was the saving grace for my face.

When it came to the body scrub, I initially put it aside, realizing that I own more bath scrubs than I know what to do with. But I gave this one another glance when I realized it's composed of 100% salt from the Mediterranean Sea, and it's easy to pop into a travel bag, taking up almost literally no room. It contains more than 30 different minerals and is best used once mixed with your finger, alongside the amino oil (which is also included in the package).

Last, but certainly not least, was the silky-soft pack brush. Over the years, I've strayed from using brushes to apply foundation, but the manual suggested using it to apply face masks, too. This sounded like an exceptional idea, and I've since been using it as such. Using the brush definitely disperses the mask solutions out evenly and prevents me from using my fingers.


Bottom Line

While there were no groundbreaking discoveries in my box, the idea of having the latest and greatest in K-beauty delivered to my doorstep each month makes me feel like I'm ahead of the game. In the makeup and skincare industry as a whole, there isn't always some huge, revolutionary innovation, but rather, products that slightly mimic others, but with updated or tweaked ingredients. The K-beauty industry is always evolving, and I definitely feel more "in the know" with this box.

If you're seeking high-end, groundbreaking discoveries, JoahBox may not be for you—but if you're up for a few new, several-use, on-the-go products, then it's a great bet. The box is even compact enough to throw into your travel bag or bookbag, setting you up with some essentials to help get you through the day or a short trip.


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