K.C. Undercover: Zendaya Returns To Disney Channel!

The Disney Channel has picked up a new show called K.C. Undercover, starring the wonderfully talented Zendaya!K.C. Undercover Zendaya

Formerly titled Super Awesome Katy, the new family sitcom will start filming this summer and air sometime early next year!

In the show, Zendaya plays K.C. Cooper, a smart and savvy high school student with a number of extreme talents. Not only is she a highly competent computer programmer, but she's a black belt in various forms of martial arts!

What she doesn't realize is that these abilities run in the family. She discovers that her parents have been hiding the fact that they are spies, and they want K.C. to join them!

She decides to follow in her parents' footsteps, but being a teenage girl is bound to complicate things!

K.C. Undercover will star Kadeem Hardison and Tammy Townsend as K.C.'s parents, Craig and Kira Cooper, as they guide K.C. through balancing high school and a family life with secret spy missions to save the nation!

Zendaya will also be co-producer of the show!

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