Get to Know Singer and Actress Kacey Fifield Better Than Ever

Maybe you saw her in an episode of Game Shakers, maybe you've been a fan of her on YouTube, but either way, Kacey Fifield is a gal to keep an eye on.

Get to know the actress and singer better than ever below!


(Photo credit: Maiya Buck)

Full Name: Kacey Margaret Fifield

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: Jan. 4

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. When she makes a Starbucks run, she usually gets a Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino with coconut milk.

"Sometimes I even add pumps of caramel and chocolate. It's absolutely delicious." -Kacey Fifield

2. Animals always make her smile.

"Whenever I hear happy news about an animal getting rescued, or if I see a cute video or picture, I always brighten up!" -Kacey Fifield

3. Bath bombs are the beauty products she could never live without.

"It's so relaxing to sink into a sweet-smelling bathtub at the end of the day." -Kacey Fifield

4. She is super into sports and loves surfing. She would also love to get better at gymnastics.

"I can do some stunts such as front and back handsprings and front flips, but I'd definitely love to improve, since I get really nervous when I try harder stunts." -Kacey Fifield

5. Her scariest experience was the first time she went ziplining.

"I was only nine, and I had no idea what to expect, so I was pretty scared. Now I love it! For my birthday this year, I went on an extremely high zipline at a wildlife refuge!" -Kacey Fifield

6. She adores the color red.

"I've always liked red, it's such a bright and beautiful color. It's important to me because it's bold, strong and powerful." -Kacey Fifield

7. Because there are few things in this world she loves more than animals, she has two cats of her own.

"I love watching them play, and even though they fight sometimes, they love each other." -Kacey Fifield


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