Kandee Johnson Tells Us Her Least Favorite Thing About Being a YouTube Star

Kandee Johnson has always been quite the powerful and positive YouTube personality.

The makeup artist started her channel when YouTube fame was nearly unheard of, gaining recognition for her fabulous transformations into popular characters and celebs, including Jessica Rabbit, Miley Cyrus, Snow White and so many more.

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Since then, Kandee's YouTube fame has skyrocketed, earning her 3.9 million subscribers and a place as one of the OG Internet stars. She's known for her endless positivity and her constant encouragement of embracing individuality and doing exactly what you want to do. And that's not even touching on her incredible makeup tips.

We got to catch up with Kandee recently at the launch event for the new youth-focused prestige beauty brand Petite 'n Pretty at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she opened up about her experience as a YouTube star. 

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"I think when I started on my YouTube journey, I always wanted to just educate people and be a positive message," Kandee told Sweety High. "So I think I just kind of always took that as an honor that people would look up to me in any way. I think that's the greatest legacy you could leave."

And with close to half a billion views under her belt, Kandee is certainly leaving quite the legacy. Thankfully, she embraces the positive effect she can have on people.

"My favorite is getting to hear the stories from people who come up and are like, 'You shared this, and it helped me get through this time,' " Kandee says. "Or even if it's as simple as, 'You taught me how to do my eyebrows so I don't hate them' or 'You encouraged me to be more daring or do something.' That's my favorite thing."

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But YouTube stardom isn't all happiness and positivity. Haters always seem to pop up, and Kandee's dealt with her fair share over the years. When asked about her biggest struggle as a YouTube star, Kandee said, "My least favorite is how often negative things get told. Like I really don't like hearing how ugly I am all the time from strangers."

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Despite the negativity, Kandee is committed to being a source of light and encouragement for her fans.

"If you feel like you want to dress a certain way, go after your dreams, be something, go after it and don't care," Kandee told us. "You be a unique star that's shining unlike anybody else. Be a pink tree in a forest of green. Stand out and be different."

Thanks, Kandee. We could all use a dose of your positivity.


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