Kang So Yeon Shares the Inspiration Behind Her Latin Pop-Infused New Single, 'Loca Loca'

You may know her best from the viral Netflix series Single's Inferno, but Kang So Yeon is also a talented K-pop artist with a sound that's all her own.

Last week, the reality star and singer dropped the fiery new single "Loca Loca," blending English, Spanish and Korean lyrics to create something completely innovative and original. It's clear that So Yeon is here to stay when it comes to the music scene, and we got the chance to ask her all about the bold track and what it meant to her to release it.

The Story Behind 'Loca Loca'

Kang So Yeon: "Loca Loca" is an upbeat Latin pop genre song, and it's perfect for the summer. So, I think when you listen to it, you'll find yourself dancing. Please enjoy it a lot!


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What 'Loca Loca' Means

KSY: It's the first solo album I released, so it's much more meaningful. I was in a group 10 years ago, and now I can get more love, as I'm the only one to promote. What I just want to say is that I'm so happy.  It's the first album after a long time, so I'm a bit nervous, but this song was made as a gift, to repay the love that I received. Therefore, I'll try to enjoy the song while singing, so please enjoy it too!


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On the Song's Latin American Flavor

KSY: I love Latin-style songs! It was a hard song for me to sing, but I decided to challenge myself. These kinds of songs are the ones that I listen to a lot, and it was fun recording it. I know this song doesn't fit K-pop, considering this genre, so I'm not sure who will like it, but I put a lot of effort into it, so I hope you can enjoy it while listening to it. And I think maybe there could be some mania for the song!


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So Yeon's Favorite Lyrics

KSY: I've received lots of love around the world, and I felt it wasn't enough to sing only in Korean. So I mixed English, Spanish and Korean in the song. "Don't make me loca, loca," and, "Solo bésame mi amor, te deseo mi amor," in the chorus are the lines that I like the most. It means "just kiss me."


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