Fifth Grader Raises $20k to Help A Friend!

Kansas fifth grader Saige Halseth is proof that just because you're young doesn't mean you can't do great things to help those in need.

When Saige's long-time friend and classmate, Alex White, lost his service dog, Hope, when she was hit by a car in March, Saige wanted to do something to help Alex.

"I know he's going to need a new service dog for the future, so I wanted to help him get a new one," she said.

Fifth grader Saige Halseth raised $20,000 to help fer friend!

Alex has a brain condition called hereditary spastic paraplegia, which makes it very difficult for him to walk. He uses a pair of crutches to get around.

To raise money for her friend, she wrote letters about Alex and Hope's story, and starting selling wristbands reading "Always Have Hope," in honor of Hope the dog.

Saige's ambition has helped her raise awareness, and lots of money, to help her friend. So far, Saige's campaigns have brought in $20,000. A new service dog will cost about $30,000.

"We have almost reached the goal," Saige said. "So I'm happy!"

Fifth grader Saige Halseth is presented with a check

Her parents have helped her to set up a Facebook page called "Always Have Hope" to spread further awareness.

Saige has also received recognition for her efforts. Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins mentioned her amazing achievements on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

"I want to thank Saige, a caring, young leader and inspiration to her community, for her selfless commitment to helping her friend Alex," Jenkins said. Not a bad job for a fifth-grader!