Find Out All About YouTube Star Karina Garcia

This week, we decided to show some major love to our DIY and makeup queen Karina Garcia.

We heart this incredible YouTube star and we're sure her 6.8 million subscribers would agree. Scroll through and find out all about her below.


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Name: Karina Garcia

Birthplace: California

Birthday: Feb. 8

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


Fun Facts:

1. She has a massive slime collection. "Not only do I film slime videos, but I also love to purchase it from Etsy shops," Karina tells Sweety High. "My house is basically made of slime!"

2. Her Disney villain of choice is Ursula because she "does whatever she wants and doesn't have a care in the world," she said, jokingly adding, "I want to be a baddie like her."

3. She would love to work on her cooking skills so she can be at her mom's level one day. "She's an amazing cook and makes the best authentic Mexican dishes," she shares. Judging by her Instagram, it looks like she's definitely on her way.

Good Morning NYC ????????❤️

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4. Her favorite tearjerker is Titanic. She always cries at that scene. If you've seen it, you know what we're talking about. ????

5. She's always been inspired by and felt connected to Dora the Explorer. "She would go on all these cool adventures with boots and I was so jealous and wanted her life," she says. "She was so independent."

6. Her nails always look flawless, but her favorite nail look is a solid nude color because it goes with everything.

Nails did ✨???? No filter needed ???? SHOUT OUT TO THE BEST @fabysnails

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