Karlijn Verhagen On Her New EP, Watch Me!

Karlijn Verhagen is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands who has written original songs such as "Can't Let Go."Karlijn Verhagen

She chatted with us about getting started in the music world and her new EP, "Watch Me!"

Karlijn first became interested in singing when she was 6, when she happened to watch a Barbie DVD that involved a lot of singing.

"I loved to hear their voices and to sing along with them," Karlijn said.

Karlijn grew to absolutely love singing, and realized she wanted to be a performer when she was just 8.

She made the decision after her an onstage performance where she was backed by a live band in front of 700 people.

"I loved it and I knew that this was what I wanted to do," she said.

Since then, she has continued to sing onstage. While she experiences minor pre-stage jitters, she said it's worth it all to be able to perform

"I am always a little nervous before I go on stage, but I have to say that I am less nervous now than I was a few years ago!" she said. "It's all about experience."

Karlijn has played the piano for a year, and the guitar for two.

Her musical inspirations include Adele, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and Demi Lovato. She would love to collaborate someday with Rihanna.

"I really like her music style and the way she performs," she said.

Karlijn first posted her videos online with the knowledge that other artists, such as Justin Bieber, had become famous that way. While she hasn't experienced Bieber-level fame, she has amassed a huge audience of fans from all around the world.

"I saw a lot of videos with more than million views and that was something and still is something, I really want to achieve," she said.

Karlijn is known for her beautiful interpretations of popular songs.

"When I hear a song and I love it, I just want to make a cover of it," she said. "I want to make an original version of that song, so I can make it my own."

She does just that by creating a whole new backing track for the song with a band, and by reinterpreting the lyrics of the song.

Karlijn recently started attending a music school, making the balance between her music career and schooling much easier.

"I can make as much music there as I want!" she said. "It is an amazing place to recreate amazing music!"

She recently released an EP called "Watch Me," which is now available to order.

"'Watch Me' represents me as someone who loves all kinds of music," she said. "There are a lot of genres on this EP."

The EP consists of six songs, most of which she wrote herself. She worked on it with her friend Mike Attinger, who produced the songs.

"I am really excited to hear what people think about it!" she said.

Karlijn has achieved her dreams by sharing her music with the world, and she thinks others can do the same.

"Try to make a real fan base and always stay humble," she advised. "If someone leaves a reaction on your video on YouTube, just answer them. That's how you create your own fan base with die hard supporters."

She also stressed how important it is to never give up, and to not let set-backs prevent you from going after your goals.

Karlijn hopes to upload a video of one of her original tracks soon.

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