Pretty Little Liars' Karrie Martin Shares Her Favorite Products and More!

Karrie Martin starred in last night's Pretty Little Liars as a new character named Lindsey. Since we love Karrie's style, we asked her to share some of her favs and more!beauty products karrie martin

Go-to products…

1. I actually love hair ties. I stay pretty physically active so I always have a hair tie on. Plus, they kind of transform into like bracelets, you know what I mean? Some of them are actually really cute, so can you wear them out all the time.

2. I also love Sephora. I try to stay neutral with makeup, so with a good Sephora classic blush, mascara, and concealer, I'm good to go for the day. 

3. If anything, my favorite thing is nail polish. I try to change it up every few weeks. I'm really big with Essie polish and O.P.I., in particular.

4. For hair products, I can never go anywhere without my Paul Mitchell hair straightener. It also converts into a curler if I want it to. It just gets the job done. 

On the weirdest thing in her bag…

5. I think like the oddest thing in my bag right now, which might make everyone go 'Oh my god, what is wrong with her?' is an inhaler. It's just because of the change in weather.

I'm in Louisiana currently and the weather is completely different from LA. As soon as I step off the plane, I know that within days I'm going to get sick.

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