Kat McNamara On BYOU Magazine & More at Girltopia!

Kat McNamara is an anti-bullying advocate and one of the stars of the upcoming MTV show Happyland! We caught up with her at the Girltopia Girl Scouts event to chat about the event and why the cause of girl power is so close to her heart!kat mcnamara girltopia

"Girltopia is very important to me," Kat said. "I've been a part of Girl Scouts for over twelve years now and it's truly made me the person I am today."

Kat joined the Girltopia celebrity empowerment and "girl talk" panels to speak about her own experiences and persuade girls to avoid bullying by supporting other girls.

"This event inspires girls to become strong independent women and it teaches them values and principals and lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, as well as encouraging them to pursue their dreams in any way possible," Kat said.

Kat McNamara attended Girltopia not just to support Girl Scouts, but also BYOU Magazine. She graced the magazine's cover in February, and has her own column in the magazine called Kat's Corner.

"It's one of my favorite publications," she said. "It really has the same message as Girl Scouts, which is empowering girls and helping them to truly become their own strong independent women, so it's fabulous."

In a world where girls can are exposed to so many negative influences, it is particularly important that girls are aware of the power they possess, Kat said.

She added that positive influences like BYOU Magazine and the Girl Scouts, and events like Girltopia, are crucial to growing girls.

"That can really help girls to realize that they have the power to do absolutely anything they want in this world," she said. "They need to just step up and pursue those dreams."

Kat also took to the stage during Girltopia to perform her song "Chatter" from the movie Contest, which speaks out against bullying.

"It means the world to me to be a part of Girltopia," Kat said. "Honestly I love this event, I love these girls, and to see the smiles on their faces and how much they truly enjoy Girl Scouts and this event, and how much they are learning and growing through the friendships they make and the people they meet."

Kat explained that the lessons that girls can learn at Girltopia are invaluable.

"It's really a reflection of what I went through growing up in this organization as well, so it really is heartwarming," she said.

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