Kat McNamara Take Over Sweety High's Twitter!

Kat McNamara took over Sweety High's Twitter on Friday to answer fan questions before the premiere of her new movie, Girl Vs. Monster, on the Disney Channel!

Kat really blazed through all of the questions that were thrown at her! She gave awesome answers, too. Here are a few of the questions and her answers!

Q: In your acting carreer, what is ur ultimate goal?
Kat: My ultimate goal in my career is to become a well respected, consistently working actress.

Q: If you could guest star on ANY show, what show would it be?
Kat: I'd love to guest star on #OnceUponATime, #ModernFamily, and#PrettyLittleLiars!

Q: do you have a favorite band?
Kat:  I love #onedirection and #ladyantebellum

She also spilled some Girl Vs. Monster secrets that you might not have noticed when you watched it Friday!

"Here's a #behindthescenes secret. My singing voice isnt me in all of #NothinsGonnaStopMe! They switch it to a monster voice! Listen close!" she divulged.

She also told fans to "Look for a cookie with #GVSM on it in the movie! I had them made for the cast and crew!"

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