Our Woman Crush Wednesday Kat McNamara Is Basically A Genius

Kat McNamara is our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, and it's not just because we're obsessed with watching her portray Clary Fray on Freeform's Shadowhunters. Seriously, ~you~ all need to be watching this show! But let's get back to Kat and all the reasons we adore her to no end.

Kat McNamara #WCW art

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Full Name: Katherine Grace McNamara

Nicknames: Kat, Katie Mac, Katikat

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio♏

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough (We could really go for some right now!)

Celeb Crush: Ryan Gosling?

Favorite Disney Princess: Mulan

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Fun Facts:

1. Her first role was playing Fredrika Armfeldt in the Broadway musical A Little Night Music.

2. Kat may be known for acting, but she can also sing. It's been two years since we released "Chatter" and we need some new music soon!

3. She graduated with honors from high school when she was just 14. That's the age most people are going into high school.

4. And at 17, she earned a Bachelors Degree in Business from Drexel University. Of course she graduated with honors from the university, as well.

5. She gets to go home to this precious little angel named Sophie every night.

Kat McNamara with her puppy Sophie

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6. Kat shared that if she could be any animal for a day, she would want to be a bluebird.

7. She is a classically trained ballet dancer.

8. She works with the charity Stomp Out Bullying where she stresses the importance of being kinder to those around you and being aware of the consequences of your negative actions.

9. Kat has recently been working closely with Girl Up, which inspires girls to take action in their community. She's been a huge supporter of their #SchoolCycle campaign and is always letting her followers know how they can get involved.

Kat McNamara's Instagram post on girlUP's #SchoolCycle campaign

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We had so much fun hanging out with Kat at Knott's Berry Farm. WATCH HERE!