Kat McNamara's Chatter Speaks Out Against Bullies!

Contest is a movie about bullying that premieres on Cartoon Network on October 6, and we've just gotten a taste of the film from great clips in Kat McNamara's Chatter music video!Kat McNamara's Chatter

Kat recorded "Chatter" specifically for the movie. It's all about being a good friend to those in need and not paying attention to bullies.

"Words only hurt when you let them matter," Kat sings. "Don't let them matter."

In the film, Daniel Flaherty plays Tommy Dolen, a high school student who is bullied by Matt Prylek, played by Kenton Duty.

When the school threatens Matt with disqualification from a swimming scholarship because of his bullying behavior, Matt pretends to become friends with Tommy. Somewhere in the middle, he realizes he may have been wrong to bully Tommy.

In the film, Kat McNamara plays Sarah O'Malley, Tommy's potential love interest. We also love that Kat has lent her fabulous voice to the film's soundtrack with "Chatter." We think the tone and message of the song are perfect for Contest!

Don't forget to catch Contest on Cartoon Network on October 6 at 3pm PST! Watch the music video for "Chatter" here!

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