Everything to Know About Actress, Singer-Songwriter and Songland Winner Katelyn Tarver

Katelyn Tarver has had one incredible career.

Maybe you know her from her time on the singing competition series American Juniors, or for the number of albums, EPs and singles she released after that. Perhaps you love her as Jo Taylor from Big Time Rush, or ABC'No Ordinary Family. And just last year, she was the winning songwriter on the Old Dominion episode of Songland with the hit "Young."

No matter how you look at it, Katelyn has serious talent, and we were curious to learn more about the woman behind the music. Keep reading to uncover every detail she revealed to us.

Katelyn Tarver Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Lauren Dunn)

Name: Katelyn Tarver

Hometown: Glennville, Gerogia

Birthday: Nov. 2

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

1. Katelyn's favorite scent in the world is hot brownies baking in the oven.

2. One of her hidden talents is being able to cross one eye while keeping the other looking forward.

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3. A favorite jokes of hers is: "What do you call cheese that's not yours?" "Nacho cheese."

"My mom told me that joke so long ago. It must have really had an impact on me, since I still remember it. So maybe it really is my favorite joke."

-Katelyn Tarver

4. Cats might be her favorite animal—but there's one small issue.

"I'm allergic to them. so I've never been able to have one as a pet, but I've always liked them. Maybe one day I will be cured of this allergy and finally get a cat."

-Katelyn Tarver

5. Her celebrity crush is a classic.

"I feel like there's really only one celebrity crush to have and it's Brad Pitt."

-Katelyn Tarver

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6. She says she couldn't live without the Domino's Pizza app.

"It's very easy to order your pizza and some cheesy bread while you're still out, and then have it waiting for you when you get home. If you've never had Domino's Cheesy Bread, you haven't lived."

-Katelyn Tarver

7. Mean Girls has probably had a bigger impact on her life than any other movie.

"I remember laughing so hard in the theater watching it. It was the first comedy I remember watching that felt like it had heart and a good message as well as being really, really funny. It really helped me inform my sense of humor."

-Katelyn Tarver

8. When people need help throwing a party, they always come to Katelyn for help.

"I love to throw parties and have a bunch of people I love in one place. I'm kind of the go-to girl in my group of friends when it comes to hosting things. But I also just love helping people plan stuff like that. I like all the details and helping bring everything together."

-Katelyn Tarver

9. She can't get enough of Glossier's Boy Brow.

"I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to makeup, but I always like to fill in my brows with Glossier's Boy Brow. I've always had thick brows, but only truly embraced them in the past few years."

-Katelyn Tarver

10. If Katelyn can do one thing with her voice, it's empower people who think they're going through life alone.

"I think a core part of who I am and who I want to be is someone that makes people feel less crazy for feeling whatever they feel. I try to do that through my music, by sharing vulnerable things about what I've been through, so that hopefully someone hears it and relates and feels less alone in that feeling. We all have different lives, different circumstances, different home lives—but I get more and more convinced that we all are facing similar insecurities and feelings of self-doubt about who we are no matter our differences. So, next time you compare yourself to someone who seems to have the perfect life and perfect relationship and more talent than you, just remember that it's not true, and they are just as scared and unsure about who they are as you. I promise!"

-Katelyn Tarver


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