Katherine Cimorelli Discusses Cimorelli's Charity Concerts

Earlier this year, Katherine Cimorelli of the hit group Cimorelli witnessed a terrible accident when a tow-truck driver named Ronald Carver was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver right in front of her eyes. Now, Katherine and her 5 sisters who make up the group Cimorelli are banding together and performing in benefit concerts to support Carver's widow and three children.

Katherine Cimorelli and her sisters sing at a meeting before  a Cimorelli Benefit Concert

The first of the concerts was held in Newbury Park on April 12. The next will be this Sunday, May 5, in Malibu.

We spoke to Katherine Cimorelli and asked her a few questions about what happened and the amazing goodwill of the Cimorelli sisters that have made these free concerts possible. We've always thought they were sweet girls, but this demonstration of charity really takes the cake!

How did you come up with the idea for a benefit concert to help out Carver's family?
After the accident, I was really upset about the fact that their family didn't have a dad and they had to make ends meet without him. I wanted to do something to help, and I thought a concert would be the perfect was to bring people together to help out.

What led to the decision to have not just one, but two, concerts?
We had our first show in Newbury Park because that's where he was from, and the second one is in Malibu because that's where the accident took place, and also there have been a lot of accidents on PCH here, so people here are passionate about helping make a safer highway for the community.

Do you prepare differently for a benefit concert than you do for a typical show? How does the mood of the show differ, if at all?
The only thing that's different is that we have a break in the middle to ask people to donate to the family, and I take a moment to talk about the accident and what exactly happened.

You girls really saw an opportunity to do something amazing for people who needed it. What words of advice to you have to girls who want to make a difference?
If something tragic happens, there is always a silver lining- you just have to figure out what it is. In every unfortunate situation, there's usually an opportunity to help, and if you have an idea of a way you want you could help out, ask the people in your life to help you make that happen. For me, I talked to my mom and we got together with another wonderful woman in our community and we had a bunch of meetings to plan out all the details. All it takes is some creativity, planning, time and heart- we all are called to help each other through the hard times in our lives.

Is there any other way that your fans can support the cause if they can't make it to the concert in Malibu?
Yes, if you can't attend but would like to donate, you can do so through PayPal.com by giving to ronlcarvermemorialfund@gmail.com or you can mail your donations, cards, and letters to:

Ron L Carver Memorial Fund
PO Box 19247
Newbury Park, CA 91319

What can we expect from Cimorelli in the coming months?
We are releasing our debut single, and doing some performances this summer in other parts of the country!! We are so excited and can't wait to meet and hug all the members of the Cim Fam!

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