Katherine Cimorelli: What Girl Power Means To Me

To me, girl power is all about having a strong character. To have a strong character, you have to know what it is that you believe in, and, more importantly, why. Then, when the moment arises and someone challenges you in those beliefs, you can have the courage to stand up for what you think is right.katherine cimorelli girl power guest blog

First, it's about figuring out what those beliefs are. In my free time I really enjoy writing and reading, especially psychology, philosophy and theology. I attended college for a few years and I spent a lot of time reading and thinking about morals and values and what I believe is right in the world, in terms of all the issues that effect us.

Now that I have a strong foundation for what I believe in, whenever someone challenges me in those beliefs, I know what to say. I can defend what I believe is right, and to me, that's the most empowering thing as a women- knowing what you believe in and standing up for it when the time comes.

When I think of girl power, I think of a woman who is happy, confident and truly loves herself. I think of someone who is joyful- smiling from ear to ear because she knows who she is. She knows where she's going in life, and she's confident about that direction and knows that she has so much to add to the world. She feels very alive and engaged on a day-to-day basis simply knowing that she has a purpose.

However, I've found that unfortunately there seems to be a common female mindset of not feeling good enough. There is so much pressure from the media and from so many different sources saying that women need to achieve this bodily perfection in the way they dress, and the way they look; it seems to be all about appearance.

A lot of women might have confidence in how they're looking and their fashion, but on the inside they feel like they don't have anything to say. I think they need to be reminded that they do have something to say.

The bottom line is, it should be about what's on the inside. It is so important to spend time cultivating a healthy and beautiful heart, soul and mind. There are thousands of messages all around us commanding us to improve our appearances, but truly the more important matter is character- knowing who you are and what you stand for.

Each and every one of us is so precious and valuable, and we all have so much to add to the world, with our unique and beautiful personalities, values and characters. Those are the important things, and I think if women remembered that more they'd immediately feel a sense of value, knowing that we are all an important part of the world.

Katherine Cimorelli is a member of Cimorelli, a group of six singing sisters that has achieved recognition across the world thanks to their powerful voices and gorgeous harmonies. Katherine is the second oldest sister, and is passionate about writing and poetry.