Katie Sky Talks All Things Music with Sweety High!

Katie Sky is a singer/songwriter from Bristol, England whose debut album, Paradise, released in 2011.Katie Sky

We recently spoke with Katie about how she made her way into the music business, the music that inspires her, and what's next!

When Katie Sky was just 3 or 4 years old, she was already appearing in plays and small theater productions. Her two big sisters also sing.

"We used to do the washing up together and sing our hearts out to stuff like Cleopatra and Hanson!" she said. "Thats how I learnt how to do harmonies and really where it all began, with my sisters."

Katie learned some basics on the piano to accompany her songwriting. So far, she's written or cowritten every song she has released.

"I love song writing! To express myself or a situation that I'm going through or even an overwhelming feeling I feel though lyrics and melody is the best thing ever!" she said. "I've always said that for me, song writing is like slicing a bit of your soul away and presenting it on a silver platter to the world. Every song I write is such a big part of me."

Her musical inspirations include Natasha Bedingfield, Eliza Doolittle, Robyn, Marina and the Diamonds and Corrine Bailey Rae, among many others.

She said that, at the moment, Katie said she would love to collaborate with Katy Perry on some music!

"Her last album, Prism, had so many incredible songs on it, so many pop hits!" Katie explained. "I would love to write a hit with her."

She uploaded her first cover to YouTube in February of 2011.

"It was a way to get my music, or even a cover, straight to my fans without any other barriers and you could have direct contact with them through comments," she explained. "I think its a great way to spread your sound/videos as an artist!"

In the past she has shared her own interpretation of songs by artists from Imagine Dragons to Labrinth and Coldplay.

"I generally choose exactly what I'm listening to at that particular time and the songs I love to sing," she said. "I like to make it different to the original, I guess it always sounds different when I sing stuff because of my British accent!"

She also likes experimenting with the sound of the song by adding in different instruments.

"For example, I did a cover of 'You' by Disclosure featuring Eliza Doolittle, and I got a tuba player to do the bass line!" she said. "That was so much fun!"

Katie Sky has achieved her own success by always doing what she loves and writing songs prolifically. She believes other musicians can make their own way by working just as hard.

"Keep writing songs, even if sometimes you don't feel like it," she advised. "Keep pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone in terms of your sound. Keep GOING!"

Currently, Katie is working on her next EP, which is scheduled to come out toward the beginning of May 2014!

"Its been too long!" she said. "I've also got an exciting feature on an incredible track coming out in April! Keep your eyes peeled."

We can't wait to check it out! If you're just as excited about Katie Sky's music, be sure to check out her social pages, and join us at Sweety High to tell us about your musical passions!