Katy Perry Is Stepping Up CoverGirl's Game BIG Time

You probs already knew this, but our fave California girl, Katy Perry, has been the face of CoverGirl since 2013. But now, Katy is ready to step up her game as a total #GirlBoss and revamp the makeup brand to give it a bold new look.



On Friday, Katy announced on Twitter that, "After several wonderful years of BEING the face, I now get to CREATE the face!" We're so excited that she's taking charge and really focusing on getting us products that she knows we will absolutely L.O.V.E.!



Katy's new cosmetic line will be – get this – feline themed ? and called the Katy Kat Collection! It will include 13 matte lipsticks and long-wear mascara. We already know we want them all.

In an interview with Vogue magazine she explained, "I wanted to push the envelope with CoverGirl. You know, a black lipstick or a blue mascara is very Tumblr—I told them, this is what's happening online, this is what everyone's Instagramming." WE CANNOT WAIT! We're personally most excited about the blue mascara, obvi.

Katy's uh-MAZING matte lip colors, which she teased on her Insta this weekend at Coachella, will be available in May. We can expect to see the fierce blue mascara in July! Yasssss, Katy ?!



We can't handle how many rad makeup collabs are coming out within the next couple of months. I mean, have you seen Urban Decay's newest Disney collection?! You're going to freak when you see it HERE.