9 Celebs Who Look Totally Identical To Disney Characters

In honor of National Look Alike Day today, April 20th, we're celebrating by comparing some of our all-time fave celebs to their Disney character look alikes. Get ready to be amazed, because these 9 duos are on a whole new level of #twinning ?.


1. Dove Cameron and Elsa – Dove's hair game is so Frozen-esque we can't even handle it.


2. Princess Anna and Bella Thorne – Wait, are we seeing double here?!



3. Aladdin and Zayn – They have the same grin and everything ?…



4. Tinkerbell and Ashley Benson – Ashley is totally rocking that Tink bun, if you ask us.



5. Prince Eric and Joe Jonas – OK, how did we never notice these two guys are practically twins? Prince Eric is officially a Jonas brother.



6. Snow White and Katy Perry – The red bow is EVERYTHING.



7. Jasmine and Kendall Jenner – Um, HI. Are they the same person?



8. Belle and Victoria Justice – Everything from the hair to the smize is spot on ?.



9. And (the best for last!) Tarzan and Harry Styles – Duh.



Perfection, amirite?! We're only mildly obsessed with anything and everything Disney. Have you checked out our top secret tips about Disneyland HERE?