The new Disney Channel original series K.C. Undercover debuts tonight! The new show stars Zendaya as a teenage girl named K.C. Cooper who discovers that her parents are undercover spies, and that they want her to follow in their footsteps!kc undercover spy ops

To properly watch the new show when it debuts at 8:30pm tonight, you’re going to want to get into the spy mindset. How can you do that? By playing the new K.C. Undercover online game, Spy Ops!

In the game, K.C. teams up with her little sister named Judy (who turns out to be a robot), to search for certain clues that will help them on their mission of espionage.

That’s where you come in! Players scan through areas like K.C.’s school, Hamilton High, and the Natural History Museum to help her find important items.

Three more awesome levels are also coming soon! Click here to play the game and try to beat the high score we’ve posted below. Share your own high scores in the comments and at Sweety High!kc undercover spy ops

And if you’re not in enough of a spy mood, turn up Zendaya’s K.C. Undercover “Keep It Undercover” and put that song on replay!