Keds Spring 2014 Preview with Taylor Swift!

During a photo  shoot for the Keds Spring 2014 campaign, Taylor Swift took some time to chat with Extra about the shoot and much more!Keds Spring 2014 Taylor Swift

In adorable new Keds styles and wearing her signature high-waisted shorts, Taylor talks a bit about the photo shoot and what 2014 will bring.

"I think my favorite look for today was when I was on this elephant topiary, which I thought was really odd and weird," Taylor explains in the video. "But it ended up this really playful set-up, just kind of by-myself garden party."

She also discusses the slightly terrifying experience of pouring our her heart and soul by playing a new song in front of someone for the first time, and details the importance of honesty and what bravery means to her.

Images from the shoot appear in the March issue of Seventeen magazine!

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