How to Keep in Touch With Your Crush During Quarantine

Being stuck at home while we're all practicing social distancing can be a real mixed bag.

While it can actually be kind of nice to not have to wake up at the crack of dawn to spend most of the day at school, after a while you can start missing the routine and your friends—plus, that unique chance of seeing your crush in the hallway.

But just because you can't be near your crush physically doesn't mean you can't make sure you're on their mind. Not sure what might be the best way to get in touch? We have a few pointers.

Graduate From Likes and Comments to DMs

If you've always been too shy to DM your crush, now might be the perfect opportunity to work through those feelings and make the leap. Of course, you should start by lightly engaging with their posts if you haven't already been doing so, but after a couple days of that, you have the perfect excuse to check in with the object of your affections. If you're already decently acquainted, a simple "Hey! How have you been holding up?" can be a great conversation starter, and depending on how it goes, you may find the two of you checking in with each other more often. If you don'get any response and you know they're sitting around at home just like you are, that may also give you the message you need to understand they just aren't into you in that way.


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Invite Them to a Group Chat

Don't feel daring enough to FaceTime your crush one-on-one? Since many people are desperate for social connection right now, you may want to ask them to hang out in a group chat, instead. Schedule a video call with your friends, and make sure your crush is invited. They may appreciate the offer—particularly if they haven't been super connected since school. After all, positive voice contact with others can be great for your mental health. Keep things casual, for now, and maybe the next step will be another virtual hangout, without the third, fourth and fifth wheels.


Find Activities to Do Together

If you find that you and your crush are getting closer during your time apart, you may feel frustrated that you can't actually be together in person—but that doesn't mean you can't do things together. Try streaming a movie or TV show at the same time and commenting on it as if you were watching from the same room, or playing a cooperative or competitive video game with your crush on the phone. Whether that's inviting them to your village in Animal Crossing or joining them in their favorite first-person shooter, that bonding time together might put your relationship on a different path when things return to normal.


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Do Something Nice for Them

These are unprecedented times, and it's perfectly understandable to feel stressed or anxious about the state of the world. If you feel like the situation is weighing heavily on your crush, try to be their light. Don't overdo it, but do what you can to cheer them up. Be positive, be uplifting and act as the distraction they need from everything else. Maybe you can send them a handwritten postcard, or order them a pizza when they least expect it. Chances are, they'll appreciate the gesture—and it doesn't hurt that they'll start building such a positive association with you.


Open Up

We're not saying this is 100% the time you should confess your deep admiration for your crush—but we're not not saying it, either. While you don't want to make a rash decision simply because you're feeling cooped up and bounding with energy that isn't going anywhere, you may feel particularly motivated right now to make your feelings known. If your gut tells you this is the time, don't reject that feeling. After all, this situation might make you realize that life is precious and too short for you to hold anything back.

Only you have all of the information about your relationship, or a feeling about how things might go. This might be the start of something magical, or an awkward conversation that changes your friendship dynamic. That can be scary—but even a rejection can empower you in unexpected ways.


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