America's Got Talent Winner Grace VanderWaal Released New Music That'll Brighten Your Weekend

Friday means new music, and this Friday is no exception.

Kicking off our New Music Friday playlist this week is none other than America's Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal. But she's not the only artist you need to check out. Keep scrolling to catch all the new tunes we couldn't get enough of this week.

Grace VanderWaal at America's Got Talent throwing up the peace sign on both hands

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1. "Clay" by Grace VanderWaal

We've been big fans of singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal since we first saw her AGT audition way back when. After waiting for music from this little lady, she did us all a solid by releasing her Perfectly Imperfect EP today. "Clay" is truly a standout tune from the album with its moving lyrics and poppy instrumentals.


2. "Good Die Young" by Molly Kate Kestner

Pop singer-songwriter Molly Kate Kestner may be small, but boy is her voice mighty—especially in her newest single "Good Die Young." The words she sings are sure to leave a lasting impression on you for years to come.


3. "I Know a Place" by Muna

After hearing "I Know a Place," we're counting down the days until dark pop girl group Muna's debut album is in our iTunes library. Upon first listening to the tune, it sounds like any other catchy, pop song. But once you dive deeper into the lyrics, you realize there's a far more personal meaning behind the song.


4. "Advice" by Kehlani

There's something incredibly comforting about R&B singer-songwriter's smooth vocals on her newest track "Advice." Take our advice and give this song an intense listen. We're sure you'll resonate with the words Kehlani is crooning.


5. "Symmetry" by Colouring

Alternative band Colouring transports you to a world of fantasy with their groovy single "Symmetry." Unwind and drift off to a place unknown as you listen to their euphoric bop.


And the ever-so-handy Spotify playlist below will let you listen to these bops with the greatest of ease:


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