Kehlani has one of the most compelling voices in the market today, making her a true R&B pioneer, delivering vocal runs that come second-to-none.

We recently had a chance to see her perform live, and it was a truly magical experience. From her crisp live vocals to her dance performances that left us speechless, Kehlani put on a great show. Kehlani knows who she is, and whether it’s on stage, in an interview or on social media, she represents her authentic self. She holds these values of being authentic and genuine with her fans every day, which is why we think her lyrics make perfect captions for Instagram.

For when people doubted you:

“They didn’t want me then, they want me now.”

-“How That Taste”

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For when you’re debating a relationship:

“And your heart says, just stay.”

-“Down For You”


For shading someone trying to cause drama in your life:

“I hate drama.”

-“You Know Wassup”


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For an ‘honesty is the best policy’ attitude:

“But still, cheers to bein’ honest.”



For when you want people to stay out of your business:

“None of your biz.”


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For a post eluding to a breakup:

“Feel like it’s too hard to fall in love again.”

“Nights Like This”


For acknowledging your perceptiveness:

“I hear right through every fairytale lie.”



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For when you want to show compromise:

“Never wanna be on two separate pages.”

-“Love Language”


For when you want to own up to your mistakes:

“I get real accountable when I’m alone.”



For being fearless:

“I’m never scared, no fear.”

-“Bad News”

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For when you rekindle a relationship:

“And you just keep on taking me back.”

-“Keep On”


For making it clear that life can be hectic sometimes:

“My life can get crazy.”



For when you’re trying something you haven’t done in a long time:

“Tryin’ to get back to all the hobbies from my old days.”

-“Piece of Mind”


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For people that don’t want to see you win:

“They don’t wanna see it happen.”



For expressing something you love:

“Everything I do, I do it with a passion.”



For when you need to do some inner reflection:

“It’s time to take my own advice.”



For when you enjoy someone’s company:

“You’re like a drug, never enough”

-“In My Feelings”


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For when you have a new crush:

“Thoughts of you keep me up at night.”

-“up at night”


For recognizing there is always room for growth:

“I was lackin’, I ain’t proud of it.”

-“wish i never”


For when you’ve accomplished your dreams:

“Yeah I’ve already done everything I’ve dreamed.”

-“Good Thing”


For a picture with your No. 1 bestie:

“Ride or die with me.”



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For when you want to live your life your way and no one else’s:

“Let me live, let me live”

-“Let Me Live”


For when you have a positive outlook on the future:

“Life’s only getting greater.”

-“Good Life”


For when you need a friend:

“And I say I’m okay, but I guess I’m a liar.”

-“Faking It”


For when it turns out something was too good to be true:

“But all that glitters isn’t gold, I was blinded.”

-“Nights Like This”


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