KEHO's Real Food Bites Are Savory Keto Protein Bars You'll Actually Want to Snack On

Why is it that protein and nutrition bars all have to be sweet?

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for a quick, filling bite, I'm not always in the mood for chocolate, cookies and peanut butter—and the more we have of them, the more we find ourselves craving something different.

Enter Keho. The brand makes vegan, keto protein bars in savory flavors like pizza and curry, without any of the fake stuff. I'm not keto, but when the folks behind the brand asked if I'd like to try it out, I only had to read the list of flavors to say yes. Here are my honest thoughts about them.

The Brand

KEHO bars were created by self-proclaimed nutrition nerd Tekla Back, who wanted to make something different than the protein bars that are already out there. After years of experimentation with swapping sugar for spices, she finally produced plant-based bars that are keto and pack five to six grams of protein, 16 to 17 grams of good fats and 10 to 11 grams of fiber each, while also being clean and super yummy.

These bars are only made from the best stuff, including real dried veggies and spices. There are no fake flavorings, colorings or GMOs, no sugars or sugar substitutes, and absolutely no gluten, soy or vegetable oils. The protein keeps your body going, while the fiber fills you up while also keeping your stomach healthy and happy. KEHO comes in 1.5 oz. bars. Online, you can purchase six bars in individual flavors or variety packs for $19.99, or get a variety 12-pack for $39.99

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The Flavors

Pizza to Go

I decided to start my KEHO journey with the Pizza to Go flavor, because I had faith that if they got this one right, they could do anything. I was shocked when I opened the container and it really did smell like tomato sauce with all of the tasty spices that usually go in pizza, but in a form that resembled a nutty protein bar.

And with this brand, it was love at first taste. The bars themselves are mostly nutty—this one consisting of pistachios, pecans and macademias—but the flavors really were rich, salty and savory. It was so natural that it felt like this should be a standard food people eat all the time. I was actually shocked how much I loved the black olives in the mixture (I don't like them in pretty much any other context), but mixed with mushrooms, capers and tomatoes, they were fantastic, especially because the spice blend was just right. I was actually a little sad when I'd finished it, but at least I had three more flavors to look forward to.

KEHO pizza to go bar

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Tex Mex Moment

While I had some expectations for the pizza flavor, I wasn't sure what was in store for me with the Tex Mex Moment bar. Yet, somehow when I opened it up, the scent was reminiscent of taco seasoning. Again, the bar's mix was mostly nutty (this time pecans, pumpkin seeds and macadamias) but I mostly got the flavor of corn and black beans coming through, reminding me of a delicious burrito bowl. There was a bit of sweetness to this bar in the corn, without it being overwhelming, and it was yet another winner from KEHO.

KEHO tex-mex moment bar

(via KEHO)


Thai Me Over

As a Thai food lover, I very much looked forward to this bar, and it did a brilliant job bringing together the best of the country's flavors. The peanuts in the bar evoked my favorite Thai peanut sauces, while the addition of coconut, lemongrass and lime also brought in elements of a delicious tom kha kai soup. This bar definitely packs a flavor punch, and while it's a bit sharper than the others, it's very much worth a try.

KEHO Thai Me Over bar

(via KEHO)


Curry in a Hurry

The last of the four bars was the Curry in a Hurry, and I only had to barely open the wrapper to smell the vibrant curry flavoring within the bar. Just one bite later I realized there wasn't a bad flavor in the whole KEHO lineup. This one reminded me of my favorite coconut-based Thai curries, bringing in the rich spices and subtly sweet flavor to make the pecans, almonds and macadamias in the bar taste exquisite. If you like curry, there's nothing not to love about this bar.

KEHO curry in a hurry bar

(via KEHO)


Bottom Line

After trying everything from KEHO, I'm slightly obsessed. I love their innovative take on protein bars, and the fact that they've managed to make them savory, with real ingredients, and make them actually taste incredible is no minor feat. While they're not appropriate for those with nut allergies, they're good for most other dietary restrictions, including if you're cutting out carbs. Also, at about $3.33 per bar, the price isn't outlandish, and even though the bar is small, it's suitable for a quick meal on the go. I loved each and every flavor, and I may just have to order myself a pack of them the next time I'm craving Thai food.


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