10 Things You Need To Know About Lab Rats' Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund is an actress best known for her roles as Mae in How To Build A Better Boy and Bree Davenport in the Lab Rats series. The 4th season of Lab Rats premieres on March 18, and we spoke to Kelli to get the inside scoop on Kelli herself and the new season!

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What makeup product could you not live without?

1. I can't live without mascara, and I don't think you always need to go out and buy the most expensive mascara because I've discovered some good drugstore ones that are really cheap. There's one by L'oreal, the Carbon Black Mascara, that's in a black tube with a little gold lid and is seriously the darkest, most amazing mascara ever.

What's your go to accessory?

2. I always like to stack a lot of bracelets and rings, and I love rose gold jewelry. But lately I've also been into wearing hats, because it just kind of completes an outfit and adds a cute twist to it. I've tried to be a little more adventurous with that and I encourage other people to do that too, because a lot of people are afraid to wear hats, but I think they're so cute.

What's your favorite dress you ever wore on a red carpet?

3. That one I know 100 percent. It's the outfit I wore for Guardians of the Galaxy. It was this black leather crop top with a black leather skirt and I wore these heels with little lipsticks on them and they were so cute. It is hands down my favorite outfit ever! It was edgy, but sort of sophisticated at the same time with the long skirt. I just loved it.

Describe your favorite pair of shoes.

4. That's hard because the first thing that comes into my mind is my nude Louboutins. But even though they are so cute, they are so uncomfortable to wear. I guess Louboutins are kind of known for that. My favorite pair of comfy shoes would probably have to be these little black like patent leather boots from Topshop. They go with everything and you can dress them up or dress them down. And you can wear them in the rain, which is awesome because the water just slides right off.

What's your astrological sign and what does it say about you?

5. I'm an Aquarius. And I'm so happy you asked me this because I'm so about horoscopes. I can look at someone and be like 'Oh, they're a Pisces. They're a Cancer.' I'm just really good at discovering that. Aquariuses are very creative artistically, which I am because art and creative arts have been very important in my life always. We're very stubborn, which I definitely am. I have a very strong opinion all the time, but I don't always express it. I usually keep it to myself. We're also very ambitious people and we want to go out and try new things and take risks. And sometimes that gets us into trouble. Those are like the main things about Aquarius that apply to me very well and I'm happy that I know that!

What was the last movie you watched with your mom?

6. Sometimes when I go home on weekends we like to have a family movie night. Every time Transformers comes on TV, we always watch it, so that was probably it!

What movie always makes you cry?

7. Titanic! That movie made me cry when I was like 10 years old and it still makes me cry. I don't know. It's too depressing. But the part where the ship goes down and everyone's frozen in the water, that's so sad. And the whole Jack and Rose thing, I can't help but get extremely emotional every time I watch it.

Describe your dream meal.

8. Definitely In-N-Out! But if I had to pick something a little more exciting I would say like a filet mignon steak like medium rare with a side of either broccoli or grilled asparagus with like rice or something. That's such a yummy meal in my mind, with a chocolate cake for dessert.

What's your weirdest phobia?

9. I have a huge phobia of bugs but that's not necessarily weird because a lot of people have that. My weirdest phobia—I don't like feet, which is sort of weird. I never like to wear sandals because I'm so self-conscious of my feet. And I don't like when people touch me with their feet. I don't know. I just really don't like feet.

Which female icon is your biggest inspiration?

10. I really admire Selena Gomez because she started on Disney just like I did. What she's made of her career is really awesome. I love how she's doing music and acting, which is something that I hope to do later in life. I also admire Jennifer Lawrence. I feel like everyone says this, but I do look up to her a lot. She's so just real and down-to-earth. And not only is she an amazing actress, but she just seems like a really professional and cool person to work with. I've never heard anything bad said about her.

Photo credit: Courtney Phillip
Photo credit: Courtney Phillip

How has your Bree grown since the beginning of the series?

Bree was very confused and sort of intimidated by the new world when she was first exposed to it in season one. She had some difficulties adjusting to fit in with the other kids and be a regular girl, because that's what she always wanted. As the series has progressed, she's become very confident in herself, especially since the world has found out about their bionics and what they do. She's satisfied with the fact that she can live with that now. She doesn't have to feel insecure about it. Throughout seasons 3 and 4 she's taken this leadership role, because now she's a mentor to other bionic students and has some authority now. Being able to teach others makes her happy and gives her strength when it comes to missions with her brothers.

How are you and Bree and similar and how are you different?

We're both very energetic, outgoing people. I really like to make new friends just like Bree does. We may not succeed all the time, but both of us are honestly trying to do our best work. But I don't have super powers! Other than that I think she's extremely sarcastic. Of course I can definitely be sarcastic and snarky sometimes, but she takes it to another level. I think it's hilarious. Maybe it's because I don't have brothers. If I did I would have to deal with them all the time.

What new things will we be able to look forward to in Lab Rats: Bionic Island?

The whole setting has changed now. Instead of being in the lab and in our normal house, we are on this bionic island, acting as mentors to all of these bionic students. You're going to be introduced to a lot of new characters that play a really big part in this season. We discover some new abilities. A couple of seasons ago, Bree used her power of invisibility. A lot of the time even I forget about it, and the audience definitely forgets about it, so this season she actually uses it a little bit more, which is fun. We see some new villains and we have a cross over with Mighty Med that I'm really excited for everyone to see.

If you were bionic, what would you do with your powers?

It would be cool to have Bree's power of super speed. I'd use that to get ready in the morning, because I take way too long to do my hair and makeup and I'd just be done in a second if I had that ability. I think it'd be really cool to have invisibility and even mind reading, which could be good and bad. I would want to use that because I'm a very curious person and I can't help but want to know what people are thinking all the time. I'm sure any sort of ability would be so beneficial to my life. Who wouldn't want to have that?

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