All the Reasons Kelli Berglund Is Our #WCW This Week!

We've always been more than slightly obsessed with everything Kelli Berglund does, but now that she's getting into the fashion game, we are 100% done. Here are just a few of the reasons she's our #WCW this week and she's going to be yours, too.

kelli berglund sweety high wcw

Because we need more powerful ladies on our TVs, and she kicks butt on a weekly basis on Lab Rats.

And she's got outrageous ballerina skills.

She's clearly as excited for the new Star Wars movie as we are!


Kelli has been teasing upcoming music and we are getting super impatient because she and China Anne McClain were PERFECT singing partners on "Something Real." 

She's a bit of an astrology guru. Btw, she's an Aquarius.

We'd give just about anything to raid her fabulous, fabulous closet.

AND she's gearing up to share a little bit of that style with ALL of us with her upcoming MUSE line from Style Club LA. So fierce!

She is straight up fearless in the face of danger.

And her words of advice are simple but so, so true.

Basically, she is our queen.


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