Kellogg's Could Be Bringing Back Chocolate Frosted Flakes With Marshmallows—and a 'Spoooky' Twist

Kellogg's made Halloween "Gr-r-reat!" last year with its Chocolate Frosted Flakes with Marshmallows, and this year, the cereal appears to be returning with a new spin.

A "Spoooky Marshmallows" version has been popping up on social media. The junk food-focused Instagram account candyhunting recently posted an image of the limited-edition cereal, teasing, "They're Spo-o-oky!"

A post shared by @candyhunting on

"Kellogg's ditched the Halloween skeleton marshmallows this season in favor of new Spoooky marshmallows: Ghosts, bats, and monsters of Frankenstein," the candyhunting Instagram post says.

The photos have been popping up across the internet and social media, according to Bustle. Sadly, Kellogg's has yet to officially announce its Halloween cereal plans. (Sweety High has reached out to Kellogg's for information about the product and will update this article if we hear back.)

Still, people are already getting excited about the "Spoooky" potential. Candyhunting's post about the cereal included responses like "Im gonna [sic] need this," "Love!" and "Can't wait for Fall."

Even though the big difference seems to be simply marshmallow shape, we're onboard with Kellogg's Chocolate Frosted Flakes with Spoooky Marshmallows, too. Seeing mini ghosts, bats and Frankenstein monsters in our cereal bowls this year would be a wonderful, spoooky delight.


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