Kelsea Ballerini Reveals THE Realest Piece of Advice Taylor Swift Has Given Her

From the very beginning of young country artist Kelsea Ballerini's career, we've seen that fellow artist, Taylor Swift, has always had her back.

So, we were not at all surprised when in a recent chat with Kelsea, she revealed to us that Taylor gave her sound advice that stays close to her heart as her career progresses.

"Really early on when I was starting my radio tour, about two years ago, I had just been through media training, and was trying to be really polished," Kelsea told Sweety High. 

"I was constantly trying to make sure I was saying and doing everything right. And then, by doing that, I felt like I lost a little bit of myself and my personality."

Queue the wise advice from Taylor:

"I remember her telling me 'It's going to feel like 'cool' wins sometimes, and maybe it will, but if you're just yourself, more people are going to relate to that, and in the long run that's going to be better and you're going to win for that reason.'  That helped me a lot," Kelsea said.

Kelsea's current approach is clearly winning because her career has skyrocketed the last few months.

Her most recent accomplishment? She was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards last weekend alongside fellow country gal, Maren Morris.

"You know, there'never been two country artists in this category before. So the fact that not only is it two country artists, but two country women is a really big deal!"

Although Kelsea didn't take home the award, we have a feeling she'll receive plenty of accolades this year if she keeps following Taylor's wise advice. Keep doing you, Kelsea!


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