The 7 Stages Of Playing Kendall And Kylie's New iPhone App

You basically go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Kendall and Kylie mobile game art

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1. Curiosity

Kendall and Kylie Jenner's app

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All your friends have downloaded this game and everyone everywhere is talking about it, but you're kind of on the fence about downloading it. You do NOT want to get sucked into another game like you did with Kim's!


2. Caving In

Downloading Kendall and Kylie's new game

Eventually, you give in and download the app. There's no turning back at this point, tbh.


3. Be Who You Are

Customizing your character in Kendall and Kylie's game

Since you took the plunge by downloading the game, it's time to see what it's all about. The first thing you get to do is customize your character. We're all about the pink hair, but you could literally dye your hair any color under the sun. And all the outfits are so cute! We need a store that actually sells the clothes that are in the app.


4. Insta Fame

Taking a selfie in Kendall and Kylie's app

After you've made the ~perfect~ character representation of yourself, you realize that the point of the game is to become famous, because why would it not be? And what's the best way to up your fame factor? With plenty of selfies with Kendall and Kylie, duh!


5. Goals! Goals! Goals!

Goals in Kendall and Kylie's app

Just like in Kim's game, you have tons and tons of goals you need to complete so you can level up and (hopefully) reach the same level of fame as Kendall and Kylie. If only we had this many goals IRL…


6. Anger

Kendall and Kylie's new app

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You realize you shouldn't have downloaded the game, because you can feel yourself slowly starting to become obsessed with it. You start trying to accomplish multiple goals at once and you literally watch the clock count until you gain energy to do so…oops!



Kendall and Kylie using their iphone

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The game is the only thing you think about 25/8. You're never not on it and it's gotten to the point where you've actually spent money buying more energy so you can complete all the tasks. Whenever your friends ask you to hang out, you always say you're busy so you can play the game. It's not like you need a social life when you have Kendall and Kylie as your besties in an adventure game, right?


Kendall and Kylie are two of our fave sisters, so they def understand THESE nine things about what it's like to have a sister.