6 Reasons Why I Admire Kesha More Than Any Other Pop Star

When "TiK ToK" first hit radio waves in 2010, I was instantly curious about the rowdy-sounding vocalist behind the track.

Is her name pronounced "Kee-sha?" Where did she come from? What is her ethnicity?

I came to find out she was none other than the then-unknown voice accompanying Flo Rida on "Right Round." Other than that, this artist, formerly known as Ke$ha (with the dollar sign), was a pure mystery.

But as the release of "Your Love Is My Drug" and a handful of other upbeat bangers came to be, I was like, okay, this girl is no one-hit wonder.

I knew I wanted to hear more, and—believe it or not—there was no Spotify at this time, so albums were not easily accessible unless you owned them. I asked my friend Allison to burn me a copy of Kesha'Animal album (yes, burning albums was totally a thing back in the day), and the rest was history.

Fast forward to 2017, as I eagerly await the release of Rainbow—Kesha's first album in five years!!!—I look back with fondness, on how she's shaped some of the most memorable moments in my decade-long Los Angeles existence. From a Vegas hotel dance party on one of my New Year's Eves, to gathering with a big group of friends to see her live on multiple occasions, to cruising to Palm Springs with Animal as the soundtrack, there hasn't been a moment of time that Kesha's music hasn't uplifted me since first hearing that debut track.

In honor of Kesha's new album release on Friday, I've rounded up six reasons why I admire her more than any pop star. Keep scrolling to see if you agree.


1. She's One Heck of a Songwriter

In addition to writing most of her own songs (and there are a slew of hits), this talented young lady has written for a handful of other artists, including some Sweety High faves: Miley Cyrus, Big Time Rush and Miranda Cosgrove. But she most notably wrote one of my favorite pop songs ever—"Till the World Ends," by Britney Spears.


2. She's a Popstar Who Sometimes Doubles as a Rockstar

Anyone who's heard Kesha's newest music knows her vocal chops have evolved immensely since she first began singing for the masses, but I had the lucky privilege to learn about her rockstar ways in Nov. 2015 when she gave a brief, then-rare performance at L.A.'s Rhonda's Kiss benefit concert, holding her own among some of rock's biggest heavyweights of all time (Dave Navarro and Billy Idol, to name a couple). Need further proof? The "Hymn" singer just announced her Rainbow tour, so cop those tickets HERE so you can see her live, too.


3. She Isn't a Tabloid Fixture

Obviously the tumultuous professional relationship Kesha shares with her longtime producer Dr. Luke has been making national headlines for years, but outside of this business-related horror, the musician has done an incredible job of staying out of the spotlight except when she's on stage. She isn't defined by a squad or significant other—her fans really just know her for her music.


4. She's Proved You Can Overcome Even Your Darkest Battles

Going off of No. 3, it's no secret that Kesha has endured some incredibly dark days in recent years. It's empowering to see her come out of the pain and put all of the emotion into her powerful new music (and those accompanying music videos, too!). And one look at her Instagram and recent public appearances clearly shows she's in a much brighter place.


5. Her Songs Automatically Lift Your Spirits

In case I haven't already expressed above how much her songs mean to me, allow me to state it again. There is so much energy and love in her music, it's almost impossible not to get hooked, regardless of what type of sound you're into. Whether I'm having a gloomy day, need to liven up a party or need something fun to hit the road to, there's no shortage of Kesha to get my day (or night) going.


6. She Stays True to Her Sound

Kesha doesn't need to throw Migos or DJ Khaled on a track to make sales, nor has she changed her signature sound to fit the mold of what's currently trending on the radio. The superstar has collabed with Eagles of Death Metal, Iggy Pop and other artists who resonate with her, not necessarily the general public.


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