Want All of Kesha's Beauty Secrets? She Shared Them With Us!

When you think of Kesha, your mind probably wanders to some of her hit songs.

And while she is an incredible musician and performer, we're here to let you in on a little secret: Kesha is much more than that. In fact, she recently launched her own makeup collection with HIPDOT Cosmetics, called Kesha Rose. Long story short, we're obsessed with the line. After trying out her eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipstick and lipgloss, we knew we needed to ask the creative genius all about it for our Beauty Lessons series.

Keep reading for our full interview with Kesha, where she reveals some of her major makeup secrets!

kesha rose beauty

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Sweety High: What was your first makeup purchase?

Kesha Rose: It wasn't technically a purchase, but my first memory of makeup is a blood red lipstick. My grandmother used to wear a signature red lipstick all the time, so to me, it was just the most glamorous thing. It's ultimately why it was so important for me to include a red, the Raising Hell Lipstick, as one of the first products in my collection. It's a beautiful red that looks good on everyone. It's vibrant, silky and made with rosehip oil, so it smells amazing and is more hydrating that most red lipsticks I've tried. It's named after the first single from my new album "High Road," and we used it for my look in the video.

kesha rose beauty

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SH: What product have you re-purchased again and again?

KR: I know this because I'm cleaning out my makeup drawer right now. I have so much glitter. It's in all of my drawers and on my towels and in my sock drawer. Glitter literally has become my signature for this lifetime.


SH: Why do you love makeup?

KR: I've always loved decorating myself! Whether it's tattoos, clothes or glitter, makeup is just another way for me to express myself visually and creatively. I love creating a mood out of the makeup color and style I choose. Sometimes I love glittery, bold colors, a "not give a —" moment and then sometimes I crave a naked face moment. Each can tell a story and portray a mood without even having to say a word.

That's one thing I really love about this collection: seeing all of the creative ways people are using the makeup to express themselves. My intention was to make products that make you feel like you can fully express yourself without any need to conform to any set of rules or beauty standards. Beauty is non-definable.


SH: How old were you when you started using makeup?

KR: I started using makeup as soon as I could walk and get my hands on it. It's always been a part of how I like to express myself. Even as a kid, I just loved color and the drama of how makeup can transform someone's attitude or confidence.

kesha rose beauty

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SH: What product can you not live without?

KR: I like to take a tiny bottle of perfume in my purse. I never know where I'm gonna end up and how close I'm going to be to someone, so I always want to have my signature scent close. I have one in my purse, one in the car and one in my carry on for the plane. It's called Miss Marisa. It's from a local shop and just smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers.


SH: Do you have any funny makeup horror stories?

KR: Umm. My life? I like making wild statements. Sometimes they translate amazing, and sometimes they don't. But I would rather look back at my life in pictures and know I tried it all. One moment that comes to mind, I was in Miami playing a show outside in the summer, sweating and dancing my [butt] off, and a piece of glitter got lodged in my eyeball. I had to sing and dance through half of my show with one eyeball shut. My eye was tearing up and it looked like I was crying, then the lashes started falling off. Like a sad, messy, glittery pirate. It was a nightmare.


SH: Do you have any tips for your teen self regarding makeup?

KR: Beauty standards that are set by society are [nonsense]. You don't have to adhere to any of it. Don't pay attention to what anyone else says when it comes to what you're supposed to look like.

kesha rose beauty

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SH: What beauty secrets do you swear by?

KR: I love using a collagen sheet mask before a television performance. After, I'll use hyaluronic acid underneath my makeup to give my skin a glow boost. Also, lots of water, water, water before TV. It does miracles for my skin.


SH: What is your favorite product from your collection?

KR: I know I'm biased because I made it, but it's hard to pick a favorite. I created this line to be versatile enough for days when I'm not working and just want a little sparkle before I leave the house, yet bold enough that I can use it for work, like for performances and red carpets.

The Whatever Wherever Eyeliner literally doesn't budge, even if I'm onstage performing, sweating, dancing or crying. Even swimming, it does not move. I'd say my most used product is probably That Bitch Lip Gloss. I keep it in my bag at all times because it's super moisturizing, plumps your lips and turns your lips to the perfect shade of baby pink based on the pH level of your skin, so it's uniquely your own color.

kesha rose beauty

(via Nouveau Communications)


SH: Are you working on any other makeup projects?

KR: I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve, but you're gonna have to wait to hear details. I obviously would love to make some more glitter as I am the expert. I'll keep y'all posted.


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